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Human Health


Amy Kruse
Satori Neuro

The human brain is an incredible feat of evolution. But it has its challenges. Disease and injury can dramatically impair patients and negatively impact their quality of life. The neurotech field strives to leverage technology to overcome the brain’s limitations. Neuroprosthetics and brain-computer interfaces are some of the most well-known applications of neurotech. These technologies can enable patients trapped in their bodies to move or communicate again. We could also find new therapies for complex neurological diseases and mental health conditions. We can also study how the brain functions and gain new insights into human thought. We must ask ourselves many questions when looking beyond neurotech for therapeutics. What ethical challenges must we carefully address? What inequalities could we inadvertently create? As the neurotech field matures, we expand our understanding of the human mind and explore mysteries we have just begun to imagine. 

Session Topics:

  • Gut Instincts: Decoding the Brain-Microbiome Dialogue
  • Brainwaves and Breakthroughs: The Future of Neuropsychiatric Therapy

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