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Business of Biology & Society


Daniel Grushkin
Biodesign Challenge

Biodesign, at its core, is the epitome of innovation, harnessing the myriad intricacies of biological systems and marrying them with the principles of design. In doing so, it challenges traditional boundaries and reshapes our understanding of how nature and man-made constructs can symbiotically evolve. By taking cues from the natural world, biodesign offers sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing challenges of our age. Imagine living structures that can heal themselves, materials that breathe, and designs that evolve in response to environmental cues. From healthcare, where bespoke solutions can be bioengineered for individual needs, to urban planning, where structures mimic nature's adaptability, biodesign offers transformative, sustainable, and harmonious solutions.

Session Topics:  

  • The Molecular Engines of Metabolism
  • What Bio-Fashion Can Teach Us About Bringing a Product to Market
  • Biotech Shapes Society, But How? Artists and Designers Show Us
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