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Biosecurity & Bioethics

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Sarah Carter
Science Policy Consulting

In the rapidly evolving world of synthetic biology, where the blueprints of life are written, edited, and rewritten, the intertwined realms of biosecurity and bioethics are more critical than ever. Synthetic biology holds the promise of revolutionary advancements—from biofuels to personalized medicine. Yet, with such profound power comes the responsibility to wield it wisely.

Biosecurity ensures that the tools and outcomes of synthetic biology don't inadvertently harm human health, the environment, or biodiversity. It addresses concerns about accidental releases, containment measures, and potential misuse in nefarious ways. Concurrently, bioethics grapples with the moral implications and philosophical quandaries posed by engineering life. Questions about the sanctity of life, the limits of human intervention, and the long-term repercussions of our innovations loom large.

Session Topics:

  • DNA Synthesis and Biosecurity: A New U.S. Government Framework
  • Biosecurity in DNA Synthesis: Establishing Screening Standards
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