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Georgia Lagoudas
Former White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

The ascendancy of the bioeconomy is linked to the actions, prioritization, and guidance of policymakers and regulatory bodies. The regulatory milieu for synthetic biology remains in flux, covering many sectors such as food, energy, materials, and pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, bioeconomy-oriented policies are pivotal in stewarding natural ecosystems, conserving biodiversity, and ensuring biosecurity. In an epoch characterized by climatic perturbations, dwindling resources, and burgeoning global health threats, the formulation of cogent, resilient, and informed bioeconomy policy frameworks becomes indispensable for a sustainable, safe, and secure economy.

Session Topics:

  • BioNet: Creating a Distributed SynBio Ecosystem for Everyone
  • Navigating the Biotechnology Regulatory Landscape
  • Government funding opportunities for bioproduct development
  • Leveraging the UK’s Trifecta Value-Chain: Academia, Industry, and Government
  • Beyond the Bold Goals: Turning the Vision for the bioeconomy into reality
  • Innovation Nation: How the UK is Positioning Itself as World’s Next SynBio Powerhouse
  • Expanding the US Bioeconomy: Federal Progress on the U.S. National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative
  • Seeking Regulatory Approval for GEMs: Building up the Science Base for Informed Decision-Making
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