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Human Health

Engineered Human Therapies

Jake Glanville

The transformative nature of synthetic biology is poised to revolutionize healthcare as we know it. From its crucial role in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic to its groundbreaking success in curing life-threatening ailments like sickle cell anemia, synthetic biology is proving to be a beacon of hope in modern medicine. But this is merely the tip of the iceberg. In these sessions, we'll explore synthetic biology's pioneering possibilities: envisioning cells programmed to eradicate diseases, combating the impending menace of antibiotic resistance with re-engineered microbes, and proactively halting future pandemics. Beyond these, could we be on the cusp of unveiling groundbreaking therapies for mental health? As we delve deeper into the fusion of technology and biology, we discover that the bounds of what's achievable are only limited by our imagination. Join us in this journey as we uncover the limitless potential of biology in shaping a healthier, brighter future.

Session Topics:

  • Synthetic Biology vs Antibiotic Resistance: New Allies in an Age-Old Battle

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