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Human Health


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Alex Colville

The quest for longevity is as old as human civilization itself. From ancient myths and elixirs of immortality to cutting-edge scientific research, humanity's pursuit of a longer, healthier life remains steadfast. Today's longevity science isn't merely about adding years to life, but life to years. It's an interdisciplinary realm, bridging genetics, nutrition, technology, and even psychology. Understanding the genetic markers of aging, the role of cellular health, and the impact of lifestyle choices are all part of this intricate puzzle. With the rise of personalized medicine, advanced biotechnologies, and big data analytics, we stand on the brink of potentially unprecedented breakthroughs in extending human health span and lifespan.

Session Topics:

  • How to Keep an Organ Alive Outside the Body
  • Will It Soon Be Possible to Reprogram Aging?
  • Ethics, Elixirs, and Enterprises: The Triad of Longevity's Future
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