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Consumer Products

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Erin Kim
Erin Kim Consulting

In the intricate web of contemporary society, consumer products play an omnipresent role, often subtly influencing our daily routines. These commodities, from our dietary choices and apparel to vehicular preferences and furnishings, underpin and facilitate modern civilization. However, various products concurrently act as formidable agents of environmental degradation and climatic alterations. Thus, the metamorphosis of consumer products emerges as a linchpin in charting a sustainable trajectory. Synthetic biology, in this context, is carving out a significant niche. Synthetic biology is redefining the essence of quotidian commodities through innovations such as sustainable alternative proteins, biologically derived plastics, cruelty-free cosmetic solutions, eco-friendly textiles, and biodegradable packaging.

Session Topics:

  • The Next Generation (Z) of Startup Entrepreneurship
  • Function, Meet Form: Engaging Industrial Design for Physical Product-Market Fit
  • The Exit Strategy: Acquisition for Consumer Biotech Companies
  • How (and Why) to Make GMOs People Love

Consumer Products Birds of a Feather Events: Wednesday (7-8:30pm)

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