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Business of Biology & Society

Capital Markets

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Amanda Cashin
Life Science Entrepreneur & Investor

The intricate scaffolding of contemporary economies is significantly upheld by capital markets, which furnish the requisite funds enabling businesses to evolve, expand, and generate employment opportunities. Within this context, synthetic biology is an especially capital-reliant sector, necessitating substantial initial investments facilitated predominantly through venture capital. External market dynamics, however, introduce potential vulnerabilities, especially in the maturation phase of synbio enterprises. Conversely, nascent startups face the imperative of robust differentiation and intellectual property safeguarding to secure pivotal funding. For visionaries in synthetic biology, adept navigation of the investment topography is paramount. It becomes quintessential for such entrepreneurs to be well-versed in the multifaceted avenues and intricacies of capital acquisition to burgeon their ventures.

Session Topics:

  • Can Synthetic Biology Heal Exponential Climate Change?
  • Navigating the Financial Landscape of Synthetic Biology: From Seed to IPO'
  • Navigating the Investment Ecosystem: De-risking SynBio Ventures for Trend-Savvy Investors
  • Seeing Alternative Investors As Bioeconomy Growth Partners
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